Much of my work is in making planning applications.

While the recent permitted development rules are supposed to make it easier to build without planning permission there are many caveats and in my experience more developments require planning permission than did before.

Planning is an ever changing set of vague regulations that are open to interpretation to the extent that a planning officer can use a regulation to say yes or no to an application depending on how they feel that day.

I have a lot of experience in dealing with the vagaries of the planning system and have had some notable successes in obtaining permission for contentious sites.

I can advise on the need to make an application and should it be required make it quickly and economically. I don’t mind how small it is.

Some local authorities recommend using Accredited Agents to make planning applications. I have to say that it’s the planning authorities that need accreditation not the architects and I’ve no intention of becoming an AA as I prefer my independent status.

For more complex planning applications I work with planning consultants and a listed building consultant.