Thomas Falconer

My father Peter’s work is well documented and his Daily Telegraph obituary very accurately sums up his life,

but I’m going to build information here about my grandfather Thomas who was an Arts and Crafts architect.

He was born in 1879. He worked for Ernest George before setting up in practice, mainly in Gloucestershire from his house in Theescombe, Amberley but also had an office in London. In partnership with Harold Baker from 1917 to 1928, he also worked with John Campbell from 1922 under the name Falconer, Baker and Campbell  and with Bligh Bond from 1919-1924.

Thomas suffered from asthma. Unfortunately the recognised cure at the time was to smoke which caused his early death in 1934. This may explain why none of our family has ever smoked.

Please note that Peter, my brothers Tom , Richard and myself are the only architects related to Thomas Falconer. I publish that fact because there have been pretenders.

His work includes: Extensions to the Bear Inn, at Rodborough, 1925. Alterations to Barton End Manor, Nailsworth which had been one of his childhood homes. Upmead  in The Park, Minchinhampton Common for a Hartley’s Jam heiress 1925, Enlargement of Great Rissington Manor 1924-25,  for Jack Marling, Marling Cottages, Amberley 1925 The Yew, Pinfarthings 1927 Woodside, Cranham 1933. Restoration of St Lawrence Church Hall in The Shambles, Stroud. Bowman’s Green, Minchinhampton Highstones, Amberley Windrush, Minchinhampton, the War Memorial in Amberley,

Below is a list of projects known to be by Thomas Falconer and Falconer, Baker and Campbell. I’m going to add photos as my time allows.

Bowmans Green, Minchinhampton, a butterfly plan house.



I’m sometimes asked to verify Thomas Falconer’s work. I can’t do that because my grandmother destroyed all of his drawings and archive after his death. However I am interested in work known to be designed by him.

I’m very pleased in 2015 to have been commissioned to design an extension to one of my grandfather’s houses, one of Marling Cottages in Amberley, which was built 95 years ago.

Highstones, Amberley is a butterfly plan house which appears to be in remarkably original condition

I was recently shown Friarsfield by the owners. Cotswold Arts and Crafts architects borrowed each other’s details so although I can see hints of Thomas Falconer’s work particularly in the interior I’m less certain about the exterior which has a slight middle European feel to it.

The effect of pvcu windows on an Arts and Crafts House is quite disturbing. These were fitted by previous owners.

List of Thomas Falconer’s known projects.

Stroud Masonic Hall (rear extension)

Shard, Minchinhampton (alterations)

Amberley Farmhouse

St Alban Church Stroud (Byzantine interior)

Upmead, Minchinhampton

Little Green Down, Minchinhampton

Bowman’s Green, Minchinhampton

Windrush, Minchinhampton

Lotus, Private Road, Rodborough

Rodborough Lodge, Private Road, Rodborough

Yew Cottage, Private Road, Rodborough

Greystones, Crest Cottage, Yew House

Brantwood House, Chalford Hill

The Pummel, Amberley

The Halt, Gydynap Lane, Amberley

Picket House, Avening

Avening Memorial Hall

Cranham Village Hall

Woodside, Cranham

Stinchcombe Hill -several houses

Selsey War Memorial

Amberley War Memorial

58 Cashes Green Road

81-85 Thrupp Lane

Fourways, Park Lane, Woodchester

The Yew, Pinfarthings


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