Listed Buildings

This garage in Topsham, Devon in the grounds of a listed house on The Strand. We increased the roof height to provide storage space, borrowing the style of the new extension to the adjacent museum.



Large Cotswold house in Rodborough.The gable to the right of the windows had bowed and the flat-roofed extension was moving significantly because of subsidence. Leaving the roof and floors insitu the extension was largely demolished allowing the outer skin of the gable to be underpinned and rebuilt. The extension was then rebuilt on substantial foundations.

Farmhouse near Berkeley in Gloucestershire. This house lost its (possibly thatched) roof in the 1930’s and was partially rebuilt with a flat roof over nearly half of the first floor. We obtained Listed Building Consent in 2016 to reinstate the gables and the roof in slate, gaining a master bedroom and bathroom.