SIPS Construction

We live in a time when so many things we use daily have become described as toxic – recently diesel, clingfilm and wood burning stoves.

One of the materials that is being quietly added to the list is the cement used in concrete and concrete blocks which are so prevalent in UK construction.

Just because cement was used by the Romans it doesn’t make it good – we don’t feel the need to carry on with slavery, the lion’s den or infamy (Carry On film reference) – and it will continue to be a necessary evil for some time to come but for building walls it’s generally not necessary.

The Structural Integrated Panel is simply a panel of polyurethane foam sandwiched between two layers of Orientated Strand Board.

This makes a unit strong enough to form both walls and roofs.

Polyurethane is a by-product of oil, but it isn’t burnt so is not harmful to the environment. If it is used instead of bricks or cement then there is a positive trade-off.

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